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About Women Hair Extension

Long, thick, shiny, and healthy hair is the desire of every person. Hair extensions have brought a new revolution in the world of hair. Hair extensions will help you to accomplish the desired hairstyle.VHRS is one of the best Hair Extension Centers in Delhi, offering a wide range of products. Hair extensions are a manageable, hands-on, and straightforward way to give you beautiful and voluminous hair instantly. Hair extensions will provide you with a new look, and you will feel confident. You can use hair extensions in any color, style, length, and shape.


Hair extension is also known as hair volumizer and hair integration. It is used to add human/synthetic hair to one's existing hair. However, its primary use is to add length and density to one's existing hair.
Hair extensions made from natural human hair are designed to give you wavy and beautiful looking hair readily available at our clinic. They seamlessly integrate with your real hair, giving you a natural look. In addition, our experts make sure your hair stays in place with clip-in extension technology, so you don't have to worry about losing your extensions. Our human hair clips in extensions come with a high-quality non-slip clip that is the same color as the shade of the hair, unlike the huge silver clips that come with many other human hair extension brands.

Types of Hair Extension

    There are many types of hair extensions in the market that can confuse you as to which one is the best. So let us dig deeper into the better options for your hair. So get comfortable, tie your hair back, and let's get in on it.
  • Clip In Hair Extension - This is the fastest way to secure the hairband on your scalp using a toupee-like clip in 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Sew-ins -In this technique, hair extensions are sewn into your existing hair and are suitable for significantly thicker hair.
  • Tape-ins - The extensions are pre-taped and then taped/glued together on both sides of the hair.
  • Hair Wigs - Hair wigs are used to cover the entire head. It is used for many reasons, such as hair loss, baldness, or to change your look.

Benefits of Hair Extension

    Hair extension is a boon for those people who are not blessed with thick and long hair. It is an excellent solution to give your hair a new look.
  • You can get instant changes in your hairstyle.
  • Hair extensions can make an immediate change in your hairstyle in one go.
  • With hair extensions, you can easily add the desired length of your hair and inspire more volume. With this, we have various shades of hair extensions available through which we try to create stunning looks.
  • By customizing unique hair extensions, your natural hair will remain the same during the process.
  • With hair extensions, no such maintenance is required. You are free to use any styling product and get a glamorous look.
  • There are endless possibilities for hairstyles and colors. Hair extensions will allow you to go fuller bun or highlight your hair in any color for a more funky look.
  • With this technique, you can also hide your thinning hair due to excessive hair fall, which is a matter of concern.
  • Women who want lengthy hair can use hair extensions of different colors and styles to give a stunning look.

Why Choose our Hair Extension

At Veronica Hair Replacement Services, we offer our clients a wide range of Hair Extension products. Our motto is to provide 100% high-quality genuine human hair designed to suit your needs. We have a wide variety of hair color schemes for you to choose from as per your needs. Our highly skilled hairstylists will do the entire process. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We are located in the heart of Delhi, Noida and Gurugram, so you can call us anytime to know more about our hair extension services and consult our expert stylists. We are always at your service.