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About Noida Branch

Veronica Hair Replacement Solution Noida Branch is your premier destination for bespoke hair solutions, including expert hair patching and wig fixing services. Our skilled team specializes in natural-looking hair replacements, ensuring a seamless blend with your unique style. With personalized consultations and precision craftsmanship, we strive to restore your confidence and redefine your look. Whether you seek hair patches or wigs, our commitment to quality and client satisfaction makes us the go-to choice for premium hair replacement services in Noida. Experience a transformation that goes beyond aesthetics, bringing back the joy and confidence that come with a revitalized appearance. Trust Veronica for a personalized, unparalleled approach to hair replacement and fixing in Noida.

Why Choose Us

  • American technology is our base.
  • 20 years of experience in hair replacement.
  • Trusted by 10000+ customers to date.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Expertise in both male and female pattern baldness.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Strategy.
  • Completely safe and give instant results.

Our Services

Hair Bonding

Hair bonding is a process that can bring your hair back to its natural form. A soft silk-based glue is used to fix the hair patch with your existing natural hair. The hair restoration procedure is one of the most comfortable and is known for instant results.

Hair Weaving

Hair weaving is one of the advanced versions of non-surgical hair replacement technology. Hair weaving can be helpful for both men and women. It is a hair restoration process where a patch of hair is sewn through a thread to the base.

Fully Tapping

Thorough tapering is another type of successful treatment wherehigh-quality tape is used to fix the hair patch. Within a couple of hours, you’ll have a whole new look without any cuts, surgeries or pain.

Hair clipping

In the hair clipping process, clips are used to manage the patch of your hair. It is the best way for those who want to serve themselves. It is a detachable method based on your consent.


Microwefting is a non-surgical, painless, safe, fast and easy treatment in which the micro ring supports the addition of natural hair to the hair patch. It is the most innovative technology that requires no follow-up or after service.

Get Free Consultation and Free Demo

Are you facing the problem of hair fall but still confused about what to do? No need to worry. Veronica hair replacement solution welcomes our customers with a 100% natural look. We treat your problem as ours. We are proud to offer you a free demo and free consultation according to your needs.
You can call us at any time or visit our Centre for any further questions. You are very close to book an appointment tofill the contact form for a free consultation. Your happiness is our priority.

Our Product

Our products like Hair patches, Hair extensions, Hair shops and Hair Wigs are acknowledged and known for their high quality, durability, productive usage and affordable prices. We at VHRS offer a wide range of hair products in Noida, UP. Our extensive range of hair types and textures are as per the need of the client.