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Hair clipping services

Veronica Hair Replacement is a well-known name in Delhi. We believe in providing premier services to our clientele right from the day of inception. Today we are at the pinnacle of heights in hair clipping service.You can avail of hair weaving services in all our four branches.
The hair clipping procedure considers being the best way to manage your hair patches yourself. It is a detachable technique that you can remove and put back on as you wish. It is a unique way to hide your baldness and give volume to your hair. It is used when you need to wear your hair system for a few hours. Hair extensions are interlocked with existing hair by placing clips under the hair patch. It is selected keeping in mind the hair colour, the strength of the hair, and the customer's preferences.

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Procedure Hair clipping service

In a hair clipping service, a hair patch is attached to a metal clip and seamlessly blended with natural hair. This process works well for people who don't want to wear the patch all the time. Hair extension locks are fixed under the hair patch and joined with the existing hair of the client. The patch can be easily removed and reapplied without any help. This service is top-rated among those who are unable to avail of the service every month. The customer needs to revisit the centre only when the patch gets old and must change with a new hair patch.

Unique Facts About Hair Bonding

  • You can go with any hairstyle.
  • It is a Non-Surgical hair treatment for baldness.
  • It helps to get a natural look.
  • No use of glue or tape.
  • It helps to increase hair volume.
  • It is a painless process without any worries.
  • The best remedy for people with partial hair baldness.
  • The patch is easy to wear or removed.
  • Easy to clip in and release within 5 seconds.

Who Can Have Hair clipping service?

It is an ideal method for people with partial baldness and hair thinning problems. A hair clipping service is a perfect solution. This service can only be offered to those not suffering from complete baldness as the process requires clipping the patch along with the existing hair. The hair clipping procedure is suitable for both men and women for all hair types.

Best Hair Bonding in Delhi

Several hair centres in Delhi promises the best hair clipping services. Since the cost of hair clipping is very reasonable, it is necessary to find the best centre. Here we have our trained hair experts who are specialists in fixing hair wigs and hair patches. We understand the emotional mindset; hence VHRS always takes care of our clients and believes in providing 100% customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Ask Questions

If you have any query about hair weaving services, may this faq helps you to solve your query.

Q. Will the weaved Hair Patch remain intact?

Hair Weaving is the best Hair Replacement Solution if you need a firm natural look.

Q. After how many days is a re- service required?

After every 40 -45 days a Revisit to the center is required for maintenance and life of the Hair patch.

Q. Is hair weaving only for ladies?

Hair weaving is for both men and women. In fact there are more of men who have hair weaving services as a Hair Replacement solution.

Q. Is Hair Weaving a costly procedure?

It is not at all a costly procedure instead very affordable and much cheaper than transplant.

Q. Can we use this process for hair wig too?

This process is done for Hair Patch users only as the Hair patch is weaved with the natural hair to great a firm base.