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About Women Hair Patch

A common health problem that causes bald spots in women is alopecia areata. It is due to a medical condition called spot baldness which causes baldness at certain head places. Apart from this, other factors like ageing, genetics or menopause can also be a reason for excessive hair loss and spot baldness.Earlier it was believed that hair patches were only for men.However, hair patches are for both men and women struggling with the problem of hair fall. Many people have chosen it as a remedy to hide baldness.This technique transforms your look entirely and gives you the confidence and motivation to achieve your higher goals. Women Hair patches have brought a new revolution in the world of hair.


Hair patch treatment is a non-surgical hair replacement system where a patch of hair is placed in the area where baldness has occurred. The hair patch is applied to the scalp with the help of cosmetic glue or clips to give a natural look.It is a reasonably safe method as the glue and clip do not cause allergic reactions on the scalp. In addition, this patch of hair is not permanent and tends to stick to your scalp when you take care of them. It is the best approach for those who do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure. VHRS brings you hair patches that are smaller in size than traditional wigs and are designed to put on bald patches on the head.

Benefits of Hair Patches

  • A women hair patch is a perfect way to cover small and large areasof baldness.
  • It is 100% safe for the skin and scalp.
  • The hair patch doesn’t show any itching, pain, infection, rashes, and side effects.
  • Hair Patch gives instant results with total volume, thick and shiny hair.
  • Once the hair patch process is complete, you can resume your normal day-to-day activities.
  • It gives radiance and shine for a long time and makes you feel confident.
  • Hair patches are available in naturally straight, wavy and curly styles.

Why Choose our Hair Patch

A hair patch is primarily designed to look perfect and natural, which no woman has ever imagined. The hair patches in VHRS are designed to complement the hair colour, texture, and hair density of women. A quality hair patch system has a lifespan of 6 to 10 months if taken care of properly.At Veronica Hair Replacement Services, we offer a wide range of Women Hair Patches products. We are providing the excellent facility of Hair Patch, made from Natural Human Hair. We are located in the heart of Delhi and Gurugram, so call us anytime to know more about our hair products and consult our expert stylists. We are always at your service.