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Hair Microwefting Service Process

At Veronica Hair Replacement Solution, we believe in providing the best service to our clients. We are well equipped with the most advanced equipment and latest technologies required to perform these highly sophisticated services. All our 5 branches provide the service, and you can take full advantage of this service from any location.
Microwefting is a non-surgical procedure in which one can get natural-looking hair. It is a complete external technology. This procedure is a painless, quick and safe treatment that involves mixing a human hair unit with your existing hair.
It is the latest revolutionary technology that does not require any follow-up action. You can get the extra length of your hair as per your wish without any pain or damage to your existing hair. This technique is recommended for women who like styling.

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Procedure Hair Microwefting Service

In this procedure, a bunch of specially treated hair is attached to the natural hair of the person. In the microwefting process, a micro ring helps to fix the natural hair to the hair patch. This service lasts the longest. It is a very convenient process as anyone can style them as well. You can get your hair cut, dyed, shampooed and styled however you like.

Unique Facts About Hair Microwefting Service Process

  • It is the best non-surgical hair treatment for baldness.
  • You can get this hair service at a very affordable price.
  • With this technique, your natural look will remain intact, and you will look gorgeous.
  • You can get extra length and volume of your existing hair.
  • After this service, you can handle your hair very comfortably.
  • You can give any look and style to your hair.
  • It is a painless, quick and safe solution.
  • There is no need for hair follow-up.

Who Can Have Hair Microwefting Service Process?

Those who wish to increase the length of their hair or add more volume can opt for this service. This option is more effective for those people who already have hair. Women often dream of long hair, so through this service, they can style their hair as they wish. Microwefting is best for those who love to style their hair but don't want to damage their existing hair.

Best Hair Microwefting Service in Delhi

Our professionally trained hair experts who have years of experience provide the best Microwefting Service. Our quality products, latest technology, affordable prices and reliable services have enabled us to gain clientele.
We understand your concern; Hence VHRS always believes in providing 100% customer satisfaction. We provide pre and post-care tips, maintenance guidelines, information about products to use and keep you up to date on safety measures if necessary.

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Frequently Ask Questions

If you have any query about Hair Microwefting Service, may this faq helps you to solve your query.

Q. Will the weaved Hair Patch remain intact?

Hair Weaving is the best Hair Replacement Solution if you need a firm natural look.

Q. After how many days is a re- service required?

After every 40 -45 days a Revisit to the center is required for maintenance and life of the Hair patch.

Q. Is hair weaving only for ladies?

Hair weaving is for both men and women. In fact there are more of men who have hair weaving services as a Hair Replacement solution.

Q. Is Hair Weaving a costly procedure?

It is not at all a costly procedure instead very affordable and much cheaper than transplant.

Q. Can we use this process for hair wig too?

This process is done for Hair Patch users only as the Hair patch is weaved with the natural hair to great a firm base.