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Hair Fully Taping Services

The time has come to say goodbye to your hair problems forever. VHRS eliminates your baldness problem from the root.
Fully taping or hair patch fixing techniques are used to treat baldness and thinning hair. It is a quick and advanced solution. To deal with the problem of baldness, there are different types of tapes available through which we do a complete taping of the hair patch or wig. Tapesare available in a variety of strengths that let you precisely control the duration of the hold.

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Procedure Hair Fully Taping Services

The fully Taping procedure is a fast and convenient one to use. It provides simple attachment, easy removal and easy cleaning. The tape is available in various strengths that let you precisely control the duration of the hold.
In this service, a hair patch/wig is attached to the head using double-sided tapes of different quality. Before using the tape, the scalp is swabbed, and then a customized hair patch/wig is applied with light pressure to the tape. The customer can take any haircut as per their choice.

Unique Facts About Hair Fully Taping Services

  • It is an easy way to get long and thick hair.
  • Available in various colours and textures.
  • It is low maintenance and gets completed in less time.
  • You can go with any hairstyle of your choice.
  • There is a perfect cure for baldness.
  • It gives you a natural-looking result.
  • Easy to remove and reuse.
  • It is very comfortable due to its thin and soft texture.

Who Can Have Hair Fully Taping Services?

Hair fall becomes a big problem for all ages. Sometimes hair starts falling prematurely. In that case, Fully tapping is like a boon for them.
Those struggling with the problem of baldness can find the right solution through a fully taping service. It is a blessing for those people who are not suffering from complete baldness. This procedure requires the patch to be clipped along with the existing hair. Men or women who are struggling with the problem of baldness can go with fully taping services.

Best Hair Fully Taping Services in Delhi

We have a team of professionally trained hair experts who have years of experience providing remarkable hair taping techniques. Our quality products, affordable prices, and reliable services have enabled us to acquire a vast clientele. We understand the emotional mindset; hence VHRS always takes care of our clients and believes in providing 100% customer satisfaction.
We provide post-care tips, maintenance guidelines and make you aware of safety measures. We strive to meet the clients' needs and aim to ensure that each client comes out of VHRS with proper hair solutions and complete satisfaction

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Frequently Ask Questions

If you have any query about Hair Fully Taping Services, may this faq helps you to solve your query.

Q. Will the weaved Hair Patch remain intact?

Hair Weaving is the best Hair Replacement Solution if you need a firm natural look.

Q. After how many days is a re- service required?

After every 40 -45 days a Revisit to the center is required for maintenance and life of the Hair patch.

Q. Is hair weaving only for ladies?

Hair weaving is for both men and women. In fact there are more of men who have hair weaving services as a Hair Replacement solution.

Q. Is Hair Weaving a costly procedure?

It is not at all a costly procedure instead very affordable and much cheaper than transplant.

Q. Can we use this process for hair wig too?

This process is done for Hair Patch users only as the Hair patch is weaved with the natural hair to great a firm base.